Hi! I suppose you’re visiting this page because you want to know more about me. Well, I’m Niels, in my daily work I am a junior IT administrator for a local IT company where I mostly deal with support and overall maintenance tasks. Office 365 and Windows Server make up a large portion of my daily routine.

The fun thing is that I never imagined myself being in IT as a kid. It’s just an interest that started developing over time starting somewhere in 2008, more or less in conjunction with the start of my YouTube channel.

I first started “YouTubing” on the side to improve my English skills. As a native Dutchman English isn’t my first language obviously, so using YouTube as a medium to improve those English skills
caused my channel to exist and grow ever so slightly to what it has become now. Keep in mind it is still
very much a hobby and not a proper occupation, so the amount of content can be minimal sometimes.

With this site I hope to reach new audiences as well as existing ones and show them more of the progress
made on various projects I’m working on that isn’t necessarily video worthy or video ready yet. You can see what kind of content I put out here and on youtube.