Retro goodness incoming

It’s been awfully quiet, hasn’t it?

That’s about to change as I have some retro projects planned over the next few months. I want to do some experimenting with operating systems on some of my retro machines, like the Deskpro XE 466, some of the old laptops etc.

I’ve ordered some things to make my life a bit easier. For the XE 466, I’ve ordered two SD cards. One is 1GB and the other is 512MB. They’ll fit right into the SD>IDE adapter and will allow me to keep my main image stored on the regular 2GB one. I’m thinking Linux, OS/2 and possibly some NT workstation stuff?
For the Pentium MMX PC I’ve ordered a replacement video card. The S3 ViRGE DX is fine for now, but it has some weird problems with a few late DOS games. To combat that, I’ve ordered a Rage XL off eBay for a whopping $9. It has more memory and is more powerful, so that should be nice.

There’s also more server content planned. The DL380G7 will be getting new CPUs for added efficiency. I’ll be downgrading the X5650s to L5640s. The small clock speed loss is less than the loss in power draw. Even at baseclocks we’re looking at a 35W reduction per CPU!

So yeah, that’s it for now. Stay tuned folks!

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