Like I mentioned in my previous post, I bought a HP ML150 G6 server to possibly replace the DL380 G7. This server is still very much a work-in-progress, though.

First of all, I need a faster CPU, as it came with an E5504 instead of an E5540 which means no hyperthreading and just 4 threads at 2GHz. That won’t cut it. So I ordered an E5540 for $4 off aliexpress to remedy that. I might add another one down the line as the coolers aren’t terribly expensive. 

Then I need to sort out storage. Right now, it’s the base model with just a 4-bay SATA cage, no backplane or SAS support at all. So I went on eBay and bought the cage + backplane, a HP P410 RAID controller and a miniSAS cable. This should all be plug and play. Two molex power plugs for the drives and we’re off! Sadly no SFF drive support, as that cage was either never offered or it’s nearly unobtainium. No biggie, just means I can’t re-use the drives in the DL380. 

RAM was also a concern. HP lists a maximum of 48GB across all 12 slots, supporting 4GB UDIMMs and RDIMMs for memory. This was worrying me as I own 4 16GB DIMMs and not really anything smaller, aside from about 8 2GB DIMMs. To my surprise, the server booted up fine with the 4 16GB DIMMs in 64GB configuration. ESXi 6.5 also roared into life without issue, granted you don’t use the HPE custom image, that PSODs like a madman because it has the basic LO100 for remote management and it expects iLO2 or better.

So far so good then. We just have to remain patient for the delivery since all of these parts, as always, come from China.

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