NUC Update

So the NUC has been running for almost 4 days now, non-stop, and all of my VMs are still running perfectly without any hiccups. I’d say we can call the NUC a success. I’ll keep you posted when something inevitably goes horribly wrong.

In other news, a new range extender for the attic has been ordered and will be delivered later tonight. I’m planning on doing a quick video on it as well, depending on how much time I have tonight. The old one was a TP-Link RE350 and the new unit is the next model up, the RE450 which has better range and speeds and should be a bit more reliable since it doesn’t have the rather poor Mediatek SOC inside. The RE350 needed about 1-3 resets a day, which is annoying. We’ll see if this one is any better. It should pair well with my Archer C7 V2, which is my main router/access point at the moment.

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