Holy NUC

Update time!

The NUC has been put into service yesterday. I migrated the Linux VMs successfully from the Microserver to the NUC and spent some time on performing some maintenance on said VMs.

Everything seems to be working well, which is a pleasant surprise as I was a little bit worried about the performance of this little machine. I got the Apollo Lake Celeron based 6th generation NUC, so a bottom of the barrel machine, but with the 128GB SSD and 8GB of DDR3L it’s zippier than expected. ESXi wasn’t as straightforward as plug and play, but it was easy enough to get working, courtesy of vfront.de which provided the correct drivers and tooling to slipstream the Realtek driver into the ESXi installer.
Very curious to see how well this thing will hold up over time. Now I definitely need to get my back-up routine in order for this one…


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