Network issues

So, that was an ordeal. Due to limitations in regard to where we can put ethernet cables, the connection between the main router and the attic where my servers are located, was provided by a TP-Link Range extender as a wireless bridge with a switch connected to the servers. It was an RE350 wireless AC thing. The speeds were pretty great reaching transfers of up to 50MB/s. It has sadly decided to brick itself during a firmware update and the reset button is now borked, so I can’t force reflash using TFTP.

So I had to move my Microserver down a floor and it’s now running the website, and some other services from the comfort of my closet. Not ideal by any stretch, but it’ll do until I migrate some critical services off to a more efficient machine.

I’ve ordered an Intel NUC without any extras since I had the parts laying around (DDR3L SODIMMs and a 2,5″ SSD) so that’s where the website and another service I use regularly will reside soon. Since all my servers are VMware, so will the NUC, granted it’ll run ESXi at all. If not, then I’ll have to convert the VMs and go with either a Linux solution (Xen/KVM) or HyperV.

The NUC will get it’s dedicated video soon, and so will the Microserver G10 which has replaced my G8 about a month ago now.

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